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Windows Media Player 6.4 Seek Bar No Longer Works For MPGs Only

I use KMPlayer and MPC HC. Fix the folder password clearing issue on app upgrade. tried some divx+mp3 avis (ffdshow+reclock), mp3, mpeg1 files... b) Yeah, sure... Source

Why bother with it when there are so many other, better players available (better = more features, faster, better interface while using less memory and CPU power)? :rolleyes: CrystalPlayer owns. However, things are changing and the more advanced mpeg4 codecs will need to use an mp4 container as most AVC content cannot be stored in an avi file due to the Download beta = It could be a Beta, RC(Release Candidate) or an Alpha / Nightly / Unstable version of the software. Install the Matroska lite pack to get mkv support in media player.

Access the SMB sharing in GoodPlayer Here are the steps for SMB access 1. every video files i can play. With Zoom Player I used DVD Region Killer to be able to play DVDs from all regions.

Please note the DVD .iso title and chapter support is only for local .iso files, not for .iso streaming playback. So the performance of iPad 3(new iPad) is nearly same with iPad 2. 1080P mkv is still impossible for iPad 3. And ... Please note that it is recommended to set it to on.

Does ffdshow change the media type from FORMAT_VideoInfo2 to FORMAT_VideoInfo? Notice: no AC-3/E-AC-3/TrueHD audio support! 1. didn't work very well with the overlay mixer (skewed rows) and the vmr9 in windowed mode (blank pic). - mpeg audio decoder: the new resyncing code was making strange noises or Option 3 - Try Quicktime Player or Real Player.

Maybe they will also like our features as well? There are many changes I cannot remember, but here are most of them: - The tray icon mode bahaviour has been changed a bit. Paste with task bar paste button, done #27 For FTP Wi-Fi file sharing, how to make the file name correct? I'll try a direct link (http://www.tagesschau.de/sendungen/0,1196,SPM11,00.html) too, but it might not work because they dynamically change the addresses.

I didnīt notice it before, but I donīt know if it is new. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28007594/media-player-seek-option-not-working-properly It must be a bug in dx9 or the drivers, but I tried nearly all of the detonator drivers and none of them fixed it.PS: Has your TVset (sum horizontal pixels lots and lots and all with different qualities. gabest: when playing it says it uses intervideo video filter but how can i see what file it uses :S plz help me this player is the best but i have

Sorry for the inconvenience. #13  How can I play files that are located on a Mac on my local network, without running a steaming server, and without having to copy the file this contact form And "Copy" file would not block the UI now. FTP server login issue fixed 3. You can download and install MPC or MPC HC (Sorry...it's Home Cinema, not Home Theater) seperately.

To do this, download the DirectShow Filter Manager and run it. i even tried to uninstall the drive from the device manager and then reboot to detect the drive again. Face it. have a peek here Below is the Subtitle Encoding and its general names table: Default Default (Windows-1252) GB18030 Universal, Chinese (GB18030) UTF-8 Universal (UTF-8) UTF-16 Universal (UTF-16) UTF-16BE Universal (big endian UTF-16) UTF-16LE Universal (little

use bsplayer or dvdsubber, which are as slim as winamp but offer 6x more video options than winamp and wmp together. Only part of 1280x720 mkv/mts/m2ts files can be played back smoothly on iPad 2. I would love that!!!


Fixed another issue related to UPnP streaming, this issue also affects other streaming feature 2. Yusaku26th April 2003, 12:40Keyboard shortcut request: previous/next subtitle and previous/next audio track (especially the later). Or else there is no way to go back to older version. If so, do you have a format in mind?

In this page (http://users.pandora.be/jbosman/applications.html) there is a program called PowerOff that work very well for powering off a computer. Any of the DirectShow players should be able to handle your files provided you have the right DirectShow filters and codecs installed (see below). still no dvd properties page. http://ix2003.com/windows-media/windows-media-player-download.html However, if you are new to Windows and haven't customised your OS then you may not be able to actually see the file type because, by default, windows hides known file

Save As... Please contact Apple as soon as possible, since the refund is a limited time only option provided by Apple. Portuguese localization improved, thanks Junior Vidotti  6. If I were not doing it then you would get square pixels and there would be two black bars at the side of the picture on the tv (on the tv-out

This also happens with Only shifts when opening a file. SMB streaming can support Chromecast now. For best GoodPlayer performance, please check these settings (sometimes, a reboot of iDevice will help): 1 Multi Core Decoding to "On" 2 High Quality Mode to "Off" 3 Deinterlacing to "Off" Now you will never see the Message Center.

If anyone else knows of a more user-friendly system please get in touch. 3) "The video plays but really lags a lot." This could be all sorts of things. gabest21st April 2003, 08:00Hm, but why do you think it's downscaling first? You have the following options. I know, life is very cruel.

qt and rm video work fine, and audio works fine. chros17th April 2003, 07:20QT bug: the sound distorsion is hearable in full-windowed mode too ..., and the play time of a file still doesn't correct ... ^AnThraX^17th April 2003, 12:57Hey gabest, What is the disadvantage of that ? jstillion18th July 2003, 03:49Winamp is *almost* to the point where I would use it for my primary video player [it's my primary audio though :)] and I use Windows Media Player

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